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The Art of Whisky.

House of McCallum is a new collection of Scotch Whiskies crafted by Antony McCallum, Malt Master, Blender & creator of exceptional whiskies, 24 years of experience in the whisky industry in Scotland. Clan McCallum is one of the oldest noble clans in Scotland from the West Coast of Scotland. 

House of McCallum is made up of two distinctive ranges: the Art of Whisky Collection & Auld Alliance Vintage Collection and the Art of Rum. These are limited edition craft releases with selected casks for each new annual release. The full range is natural colour and unchill-filtered.

As the creative force behind House of McCallum Whisky, I had the delightful opportunity to collaborate with a talented roster of esteemed Scottish artists. My responsibilities encompassed crafting captivating packaging, logo, and label designs, each masterfully telling the compelling narrative of both the artist and the whisky itself.

Every bottle and its accompanying packaging were meticulously crafted to weave together the essence of the artist's unique painting, alongside the distinct flavor and character of the carefully selected whiskies. The artistry of the labels mirrored the whisky's special maturation and finishing, creating a harmonious fusion that vividly expressed the individuality of each spirit. In this creative journey, I had the privilege of harnessing the artistic brilliance of Scotland's finest, ensuring that the House of McCallum Whisky not only embodied exceptional taste but also reflected the diverse and captivating identity of these talented artists.

The Auld Alliance Vintage collection.

A collection of rare casks selected for their exceptional character and finished for some in old wine casks from the Auld Alliance country and beyond. At the time, not only did Scotland export it’s whisky to France but it also imported wine casks for drinking, which were then used for storing the whisky.

A little bit of history: The Auld Alliance from the old Scots spelling Ald Allyance or in Scottish Gaelic, An Seann-Chaidreachas), was an alliance sealed between the Kingdoms of France and Scotland. Even if the treaty of Edinburgh from 1560 was meant to cancel most of its features, the spirit of the treaty continued as Mary Queen of Scots refused to ratify the treaty and after that non written support remained in place. The historic ties that link Scotland to France, and the rest of Europe, have been in place since 1295 and will continue to mark the culture and future of this nation.

The House of McCallum Vintage collection represents casks from different regions, different styles, some unique casks and other from distilleries distilled the same day and from the same pot still. Each bottle from each cask is unique. Some are finished from small wine producers and are handpicked.