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Silverstone Top Trumps

30 Greatest Moments

This edition of Top Trumps has been specially crafted to commemorate the iconic Silverstone venue and its rich history, showcasing 30 classic moments dating back to the 1950s. Emphasizing the venue's grandeur, the main cover photo prominently features Silverstone in all its glory.

Designed with an educational focus and a target audience of children, we've incorporated a speed diameter as a key stat. This visual representation allows players to compare and grasp the magnitude of different speeds on the dial, adding an engaging and informative element to the game.

Throughout the design, we've maintained a car-themed aesthetic, featuring iconic elements such as the checkered flag and a sleek metallic style. This ensures a cohesive and exciting visual experience, perfectly aligning with the thrilling world of motorsports celebrated in this special Silverstone edition of Top Trumps.

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